Car makers are preparing many intersting concepts for Tokio motor show, but perhaps one of the most interesting is not coming from the car maker at all.

Toyoda Gosei may have the name similar to Toyota, but it is rather ruber, plastics and led specialist than car maker. And for Tokio motor show it announced a strangely looking little concept car Flesby II. As the name suggests this is the second eneration of concept, which has more in common with turtle than with the conventional looking car, if we are talking about design, naturally.

The first generation Flesby concept car from 2015 had inflatable exterior, which inflated before impact with pedestrian and absorbed impact force. Flesby II is a step further and replaces inflatable surfaces with a plastic foam called "e-ruber" which, beside taking care of pedestrians, also changes shapes according to drivers feelings.

E-rubber may look as something from sci-fi movies, but it is real. Toyoda Gosei began developing it already in 2007 and, as they explained, it is a sandwich construction of polymer foam, elastic electrodes and dielectric center, which expands and contracts according to the electric current, running thorugh it.

Story does not end here. With the help of integrated led lights Flesby II also communicates with other road users and the led lights are also used in the interior of the car, which is made more comfortable with similar soft foams, which we can find on the exterior.

Oct. 14, 2017 Driving photo: Toyoda Gosei

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