Coleman University has the honor of having the only tree in the United States to be featured on a world map of trees planted by the 80edays Elduro 2016 Project's Worldwide Electric Vehicle Rally.


Hosting this special tree on its campus adds to Coleman University's stature as a technology education leader.

"When Jules Verne published Around the World in Eighty Days in 1873, the world was fascinated by the technological innovations of the late 19th century. For the first time, it was possible to travel around the globe in relative ease and safety by rail and steamship," reflects Coleman University President & CEO Norbert Kubilus. "80edays is today's test of technology and endurance -- a test of electric vehicles and their drivers. Coleman University is proud to host this tree and plaque that serve as navigation point for 80edays and a symbol of preserving planet earth for our children and generations to come. It truly puts Coleman University on the world map!"

80edays is a history-making endurance test for Electric Vehicle technology and drivers. 20 international teams rally for supremacy across 20,000 miles, 20 countries, and 3 continents trying to finish in Barcelona in 80 days without burning a drop of gas. The teams share their EV experiences, sending a strong message that sustainable technology is the future. A significant part of this event is planting a tree in each of the 20 countries around the world. Coleman University has been chosen as the location of the only tree in the United States. The next closest tree is in Halifax Nova Scotia. Each tree has a commemorative plaque. A QR code on the plaque links to the Coleman University tree on the 80edays world map of trees planted. People can locate the trees on the map and scan the QR code to post photos of their visits to show their support of sustainable technology. The Coleman University tree is a patented hybrid from Monrovia Nurseries called Podocarpus "Ice Blue."

Selection of Coleman University as the site for the tree and plaque was arranged by members ENVI (Electric Networked Vehicle Institute) which is hosted by Coleman University. ENVI Founder and Executive Director Dr. Jim Burns said "San Diego's own Electric and Networked Vehicle Institute is proud of its role as catalyst in connecting the people and institutions of the region to emerging visionary ideas like 80eDays that promote awareness and innovation in clean and efficient transportation systems."

The plaque dedication ceremony will be on July 22nd at 11AM at the front northwest corner of Coleman University, 8888 Balboa Avenue in San Diego.

July 19, 2017 Driving photo: 80edays

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