We have seen Infiniti showing its QX Inspiration Concept in Detroit, which showcased brand's future design language for electrified era, and now Infiniti is launching a dual partnership, with two educational institutions: the ArtCenter College of Design in California and the College for Creative Studies in Michigan.

The program, which will take part from January to May 2019, will be led by Nissan's designer Alfonso Albaisa and Infiniti's designer Karim Habib and will give the opportunity for both of them to interact with young automotive designers in the creation of the aesthetics of the future SUV.

»The collaboration with the ArtCenter College of Design and College for Creative Studies comes at the perfect time for Infiniti,« said Albaisa. »I cannot be more honored to have the opportunity to work with future talent as they enter the beginning phases of their automotive design career. Our design teams are challenging themselves daily and this experience will allow for us to all gain a new perspective on design throughout the challenge.«

Two winners of the four month program will have the opportunity to intern at Infiniti's Global Design Center in Kanagawa, Japan.

Jan. 25, 2019 Driving photo: Infiniti

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