Details are slowly comming to surface, although nothing in particular - apart from the deadline - has been confirmed


Subaru has at last confirmed, that they are indeed developing their first every hybrid-powered car and it is due to the end of this year in order to comply with California Zero Emission Vehicle regulations. Speculations about it has been going around for a while now and details about the car are finally becoming clearer.

As we have reported few weeks ago, that Subaru is, in order to develop mentioned car, going to continue their partnership with Toyota, that was established prior to developing BRZ/GT 86 sport car. As a result, Toyota will most likely supply Subaru with technology used in their Prius prime saloon and it would not be a surprise if Subaru would consequently use Toyota's E-four four-wheel drive system that has already been adapted for hybrid cars.

Subaru is, however (officially) still pretty much silent, when it comes to confirming such details, though Car and driver magazine still managed to catch a new name, Subaru is about to use: Evoltis. The name has already been registered with 'intention to use' mark. It may eventually become newcomers name or just the name of hybrid drive or any other system in the new car

April 19, 2018 Driving photo: Subaru

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