Venturi also made an agreement previous month with Felipe Massa, who is going to become Venturi's driver with the following season.

Those of you, who regularly watch Formula 1 have probably heard of Toto Wolff, director of Mercedes-Benz team. It looks like though, that Wolff family is also spreading their influence also to Formula E, where Toto's wife, Susie Wolff just became the first lady, the team principal and with immediate impact also the of Monaco-based Venturi Formula E team.

While one may ask, how, apart from being married with Toto Wolff, Sussie Wolff is connected with motorsport, experts will know, that she is actually a former DTM racer – she has been participating in the series between 2006 and 2012 and later even became test driver at Williams Formula 1 team. After ending her days inside the cockpit, Mrs. Wolff founded Dare to be different initiative, which supports and encourage women to participate in motorsport.

Wolff said, that she knew, she wanted to stay in the world of racing after her days in the cockpit came to an end. "You can't just switch off your competitive instincts when you stop driving and that determination and desire to achieve still burn brightly inside me. I took time to carefully decide the right direction for that challenge and I have now found the perfect next step, with the opportunity to become both a shareholder and team principal of Venturi Formula E team."

Her decision was also welcomed by Venturi CEO and founder Gildo Pastor. "I am delighted to welcome Susie on board as Team Principal and shareholder. Her energy and expertise will help us to grow by strengthening the team and introducing a new approach to management. Thanks to her personal experience Susie takes a unique strategic view of the team, the championship and motor racing in general. She will certainly lead the VENTURI Formula E Team to the top. Her desire to become a shareholder illustrates an unwavering commitment which warms my heart. VENTURI and the VENTURI Formula E Team are proud to welcome Susie at a key moment in the history of the group."

June 27, 2018 Driving photo: Venturi

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