...and it looks like a nxt generation Mars rover.

Tesla, American manufacturer of electric cars has a new representative in its sales range since Friday morning. Taking into account the electric semi – trailer, Tesla Truck and the upcoming Tesla Roadster, this is their seventh model in the pallet, and goes by the name Cybertruck. Given the popularity of such semi-trucks in the US, it will therefore not have to fight very hard on the domestic market for customers.

Or is it? From a formal point of view, Cybertruck is unlike anything else, having been designed with sharp edges on every single panel. The designers opted for a completely square look with a triangle-shaped cab and a fold over the driver's head, thus taking a completely different route than all the renders predicted.

Besides, in the case of Cybertruck, it is at least European standards for a large car. Last but not least, it measures 5,87 metres in length, which, of course, will also show useful. The luggage compartment or, rather, the cavern (which can be completely closed) will offer as much as 2.831 litres of space up to the top. In the meantime, it will provide sufficient space for six passengers and, otherwise empty dashboard will be dominated by the largest infosaurus screen ever with a diagonal measurement of 17 inches.

Cybertruck will be made available to customers in three different versions, different in range, number of electric motors and, of course, power. The basis will therefore be the one-engine version on the rear axle, where the propulsion will be channelled as a result. A two-engine four-wheel drive performance will be followed, and the top of the bid will have as many as three electric motors. It will also provide the maximum range of 800 kilometres, and it will also be enviable for acceleration, because it will only take 2.9 seconds for a car to trach 100 kilometres an hour.

For the most expensive Cybertruck, a substantial amount of money will have to be deducted. Tesla values it at $ 69,900 or a good part of EUR 63,000. The cheapest one is much more friendly te wallet on the other hand, with a cost of EUR 36 000 (looking at US prices), while the intermediate version will cost a good EUR 45 000. However, although Elon Musk is already collecting orders for a newcomer whose recognisable part is also a body made of stainless steel, its arrival on the roads will still have to wait for some time. The estimated delivery time for the first specimens is at the end of 2021.

Nov. 22, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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