Last Sunday, Tesla Motors Inc reported that the sales of their electric cars in the fourth quarter of 2015 met their expectations. The predictions from November 2015 indicated Tesla would ship between 17,000 and 19,000 vehicles during the Q4.

The U.S. pioneer in luxury electric cars reportedly sold 17,400 vehicles in Q4 2015 and 50,580 during the entire year. According to Tesla, the sales of Model S sedan, launched in 2012, increased by 75 percent compared to the figures in the same period from 2014.

Tesla's first Model X, the new all-wheel drive electric sports car with two electric motors and the second model in Tesla's repertoire, was first delivered in September with further deliveries following in accordance with the company's plan.

CEO Elon Musk stated that there are approximately 25,000 customers who had (either online or in-store) pre-ordered the $144,000 Model X, which is capable of making a 400-kilometer-long drive on a single batery charge, can carry up to seven passengers and comes equipped with 'falcon-winged' (upwards opening) doors, indivudually adjustable seats and a large, panoramic windshield – to only name a few.

Jan. 5, 2016 Driving photo: Profimedia

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