Hyperloop, as envisioned by Elon Musk, is being built in the US by Hyperloop Technologies and company expects to have its first full-scale Hyperloop demo running before the end of 2016!

We reported about what's going on in Europe, but how does it really look in the US?

According to Inverse, Los Angeles-based Hyperloop Technologies will be offering a special sneak preview of its latest technologies as well as a tour of its test site at Apex Industrial Park in the city of North Las Vegas, Nevada on May 10 and 11

And what to they promise we'd see then? The official invitation reads as follows: "Attendees will be able to visit the test site and hear the latest developments from the Hyperloop Tech team on how they are making the Hyperloop a reality." 

Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop Technologies, also told Inverse that "you can expect demonstrations of full-scale components of the Hyperloop Systems that you can expect from the full-scale system. It will be an update on development status of the testing site which will be deployed over the year."

Hyperloop Technologies expects to offer a fully operational Hyperloop system by 2020.

For more details on constructing the "30-minute Hyperloop drive between San Francisco and Los Angeles", check out the video by CNNMoney below.

April 19, 2016 Driving photo: Profimedia

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