Mercedes presented its second mass‑produced plug-in hybrid in Geneva: the plug-in hybrid of the S‑Class received a younger brother, the C350e.

The drivetrain is composed of a two‑liter turbocharged gas‑powered engine with 211 hp, and an electric motor with 60 kW or 82 hp (the system output amounts to 279 hp). In the electric mode, it can reach up to 130 km/h, and has a range of 31 kilometers (though not at 130 km/h). The lithium‑ion battery has a capacity of 6.4 kWh, and can be charged in ninety minutes (the C350e facilitates charging with power higher than 3.6 kW). Despite the space the battery takes up, the C350e still has a 335‑liter trunk in the sedan version, and a 350‑liter trunk in the station wagon. Official consumption: 2.1 liters.

May 12, 2015 Driving

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