Goodyear has become an exclusive tire supplier for the Olli autonomous bus, manufactured by the renowned American company Local Motors. Olli, a shuttle bus without a driver, is considered a leading vehicle in the field of autonomous passenger services.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company upgrades the development of tires for autonomous vehicles and thus strengthens its presence in this field. Advanced technology and automotive company Local Motors has chosen Goodyear's tires as exclusive for its autonomous Olli bus for eight passengers. Because of its unique design, autonomous vehicles are setting new tire requirements, and with the exclusive right to equip the Olli bus, Goodyear has set a new milestone on its way to finding solutions in the field of mobility of the future.

Goodyear will use the autonomous bus, which was included in its test vehicle fleet, to explore new solutions and develop advanced mobility at various locations in America. Among them is the Mcity University's development and research centre in Michigan, boasting nearly 6.5 hectares of roads and transport infrastructure. As part of tests, Goodyear works with leading start-up companies and acquires new knowledge and experience along with pilot programs. In the combined work, advanced vehicle data and their use in the division of transport are converted into actual useful and related information to improve the performance of the business and increase the benefits for transport service managers.

At the same time, Goodyear also equips three autonomous buses from the Sales-Lentz transport company in its Luxembourg Innovation Centre, which can carry up to 14 passengers per trip on different local routes. Goodyear's tires, which are mounted on these three buses, are equipped with advanced sensors that collect various useful information while driving. These will be used by Goodyear engineers and data professionals to make sure they will be able to plan maintenance and take advantage of a number of other benefits.

March 11, 2019 Driving photo: Goodyear

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