About a week ago a new project appeared on Kickstarter - a trike with closed, vertical egg-like cabine called GinzVelo. Resembling the ECO FUV and the Organic Transit ELF a little on the outside, it moves using a hybrid combination of biker's own pedal force, 500 W motor and 48 Volt battery.  

Its inventor Peter Ginzburg aptly calls it the human-electric hybrid vehicle or the HEH vehicle. Heh? Yes, the slighty futuristic trike with an egg-like, water-resistant outer shell weighs 40 kilograms and is powered by a 20 Ah LiPo battery and a 500 W electric motor, which supercharges your pedal power to reach speeds of over 50 kilometers per hour. It is even equipped with headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and side rearview mirrors, making it a safe, efficient and healthy means of transport.

Full batteries sufficiently power a trip in the range between 100 and 150 kilometers. If you add pedal power too, you can travel even farther, bascially depending on your physical fitness. GinzVelo can reach maximum speeds of 32 kilometers per hour, when the trike relies solely on electric motor power. 

GinzVelo is technically categorized as a bicycle, so you can even drive or park it on the sidewalk. On top of that, GinzVelo uses regular bike parts that make maintenance affordable and easy.

Once out, this three-wheeled vehicle will retail for 9,900 dollars.

Aug. 31, 2015 Driving photo: GinzVelo

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