At the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show, Daimler is introducing their new S-Class model, with emphasis on taking Intelligent Drive to the next level. 


The improved radar and video cameras offer a better overview of what is going on in front of the car, so a further expansion of autonomous driving systems was a logical step forward – to assist the driver in almost all road types. The driver will now be able to see immediately, which assisting functions are chosen and which are active during the drive. The most noticable among assisting systems is "Active Distance Assist Distronic" that adjusts the speed according to current situation on the road (taking into account possible curves, junctions, and so on) and "Active Lane Change Assist" that makes it possible for the car to change lanes on its own once the driver tapps the indicator stalk.

Modern technology increases passenger comfort, as they can opt for "energizing comfort control" that allows them to connect different systems for maximum comfort – systems such as climate control, ambiental lighting, massaging seats and an active perfuming system, all customizable according to users' wishes.

The new S-Class will come with several new engines, including in-line six cylinders as diesel and petrol engines as well as a new V-8 biturbo petrol engine. But that is not all - Mercedes-Benz also plans a plug-in hybrid with a 13,3 kWh battery pack, enabling an electric range of about 50 kilometres. S-Class will also premiere new technologies, such as 48-volt Integrated Starter Alternator and the electric booster compressor.

Next to 'standard' versions, the new S-Class will also be available in luxurious variations under the brand Mercedes-Maybach and sporty variations under Mercedes-AMG.

April 19, 2017 Driving photo: Daimler

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