Subsidiary of NEL ASA, H2 Logic A/S, has launched a new generation of hydrogen fueling stations. Fueling station CAR-200 reduces its footprint to one third of the current generation of fueling stations CAR-100; at the same time it triples the fueling capacity.

It also enables nine times more capacitiy per the same area, which will be important if we want hydrogen to become "just another fuel type" at the conventional petrol stations.

It took 3 years for the H2 Logic to develop a CAR-200 fueling station along with its new and patented technologies that contributed to the progress in terms of capacity increase and footprint reductions. The fueling station is designed to provide a peak rush-hour capacity on one fueling hose similar to those used by conventional petrol stations. CAR-200 footprint equals just a few parking lots and it enables integration of hydrogen next to conventional fuels. Since dispenser can be located up to 50 meters away from the H2 tank, it also enables possible upscaling according to growing demands.

CAR-200 is assembled in factory prior to shipment and allows fast start of operation with various standards and visual appearance to choose from. Hydrogen can be produced on-site or delivered by trucks from the central production plants, such as renewable energy based electrolysers from sister company NEL-Hydrogen. First CAR-200 stations are to be delivered by the end of this year.

April 20, 2016 Driving photo: H2 Logic

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