Henrik Fisker, creator of currently already classic Karma, is returning to the automotive world in big style: with capable electric sedan EMotion, that can allegedly make 400 milles on one charge.


EMotion mostly benefited from a rapid development in a technology of batteries with new graphene electrodes, They are just one carbon atom thick and promise high energy density in relativelly small package. Batteries, which were developed by Fisker's technologic company Nanotech, feature a structure of ultra capacitor, envisaged by the UCLA researchers.

EMotion will be a four door sports sedan with aerodinamic lines which will obviously make it a direct competitor of Tesla S. It will be exstensively made from carbon fiber, an will feature special "butterfly" door design. It also promises a possibility of autonomous drive.

If we can believe Henrik Fisker, EMotion will hit the road next summer. He also promises a lower cost electric car that will certainly have more appeal to automotive masses.

Nov. 3, 2016 Driving photo: Henrik Fisker

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