According to Autocar report, Mini could be considering an new model with an all-electric powertrain.


In 2011, they presented a Mini Rocketman concept that could serve as the basis for the new all-electric car. Mini product boss Ralph Mahler told the British magazine that there are better chances of going into production with an electric powertrain than with a conventional gasoline engine, as it is smaller and would fit in the available space better.

The electric Mini could become the new, smallest model, created by the company that - despite its name - does not actually produce really small models anymore. If it really receives a green light, the company will certainly use a lot of expertise and knowledge from BMW's  "i" programme.

There is another concept, which is also rumored to become the next Mini electric model. It's Mini Superleggera Vision from 2014 - a highly attractive small roadster. Definitely a car we would really like to see hitting the roads sometime soon in the future.

May 3, 2016 Driving photo: Mini

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