Apart from that, Pruis has also recieved a minor facelift.


On a recent Los Angeles car show, Toyota has brought its most popular hybrid car, Prius. Some styling changes might have been the reason for that, since the car did receive modified front and rear end, including new lamp units and also new wheel designs. The real reason for Prius however was hidden under the car. And we mean that quite literally. What is all the fuzz about?

In an attempt to keep the title of best-selling hybrid car on the market with Prius, Toyota has equipped the latest generation of Prius (model year 2019) with a brand new all-wheel drive, called Hybrid AWD-i. Toyota describes it as an intelligent all-wheel drive, that “provides more sure-footed handling and peace-of-mind driving.”

In essence, Toyota has equipped Prius with an additional high-torque electric motor, that in normal road conditions helps with pulling from the start and up to speed of 10 kilometers per hour. This motor also comes in handy when the car detects low grip and a need for additional pull at the rear axle, where mentioned motor is located. It will then operate (if needed) at speeds between 10 and 70 kilometers per hour.


Dec. 4, 2018 Driving photo: Toyota

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