Starting with this year Toyota almost completely stoped selling diesel cars in Italy anymore, after it stoped seling diesel variants of Toyotas Yaris, Auris and RAV4.

They also offer 7.000 euros of incentives to their italian customers who would trade in their diesel cars for petrol or hybrid ones. The fact is that by abondoning diesel cars Toyota will not loose much since they only sold about 6 percent of Toyotas Yaris and Auris and 18 pervcent of Toyotas RAV4 with diesel engines. They also plan to compensate the loss in diesel cars sales with hybrids and plug-in hybrids.

Theya also parrtialy plan to abandon petrol variants of their cars, more precisely Auris and RAV4, which will be offered only with hybrid powetrains. Auris will be only available with petrol engine and Yaris and C-HR will be offered with petrol and hybrid powetrains. There will remain some cars with diesel engines, but only in the shape of serious off roaders Land Cruiser and Hilux.

Jan. 7, 2018 Driving photo: Toyota

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