During the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars in Northern Michigan Toyota unveiled the second generation of its Class 8 fuel cell electric heavy truck.

The new truck, vhich got an internal designation Beta, can reach more than 300 miles (482 km) on a full hydrogen charge, but there are also some other improvements, which Toyota made to it. There are also additional sleeper cab and unique fuel cabinet, which increase cab space without the need to increase the wheelbase of the hauler.

Toyota's project Portal 2.0, with the Beta truck in its centerfold, bring on the experiences which Toyota gathered in the first phase of the Portal project in which Alpha truck has logged nearly 10.000 miles in testing and real world drives in and around the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles since April 2017. It was equipped with a combination of two Toyota Mirai fuel cell stacks and 12 kWh battery, which provided power for electric motors with 670-plus horsepower and around 1.800 NM of torque, enough for the truck to be able to cope with weights up to 36 metric tons.

Aug. 5, 2018 Driving photo: Toyota

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