TransPod, the startup that was founded in 2015 and wants to build the world's leading hyperloop system, recently announced that it has opened three offices in Canada, Italy, and France. By doing so, TransPod intends to support global growth and accelerate the development of a commercially viable hyperloop system by 2020.


The company's vision is creating a connected world with high-speed transportation that is affordable and environmentally sustainable, eliminating enormous fuel requirements and carbon emissions of jet travel. The hyperloop that they are building would be suitable for both the passenger and cargo transportation markets. Initially, they would focus on countries that have aging infrastructure in need of transformation, upgrade and innovation, and cities with high-density populations.

As explained by TransPod representative in the company's press release, "TransPod takes a physics-first and engineering-first approach to designing and building hyperloop. We're not using pre-existing concepts, and we're not crowdsourcing ideas and trying to make them fit together. We're developing the entire hyperloop system and infrastructure from the ground up. Everything is designed to work together seamlessly."

TransPod's first major project is in Canada and is being developed in order to connect metropolitan areas such as Toronto-Montreal. Fittingly, its first office is located in the MaRS Centre in the heart of Toronto, Canada, and serves as the main international headquarters.

Bari, where the Italian office opened, will enable deeper collaboration with SITAEL, Blackshape, and MERMEC – leaders in the spacecraft, aviation, and railway industries – throughout the testing and development phases of TransPod technologies. TransPod's French office is situated at the centre of the European aerospace industry in Toulouse and was chosen, as TransPod explains, to enhance joint efforts with IKOS, a leading engineering firm, and REC Architecture, a design and infrastructure partner.

March 16, 2017 Driving photo: Transpod

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