Volkswagen has recently set a new record on Nordschleife racetrack. With the time of 6:05.336 it has smashed a previous record, made two years ago by Nio, while at the same time, it still ‘managed’ to stay behind Porsche 919 EVO’s time of 5:18.45. Still, its time is something, most existing cars will never be able to achieve, so getting as close as possible view of the action is something worth watching.

Volkswagen was happy to listen. While last week, they only presented highlights of Dumas’ drive, they have now prepared the whole video of attempt from a point of view of, lets’ say, a co-pilot or passenger. The car is obviously a single seater and, it has been proven once again, what electric power trains are capable of.

June 11, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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