In the end the difference between the two was only a fraction of a second.

Drag racing is probably the way to go in United States when it comes to comparison of two cars and their performances – handling on the track is not near as important as accelerations. So when one wants to prove himself or his car, he brings it on the line at the beginning of a 402 meters (quarter mile) long stretch of road and then let the game begin.

Few days ago, an interesting pair of cars came on the line of a racetrack in Palm Beach: an electric Tesla Model 3 and previous generation BMW M5. Even with stock engine, transmission and everything else, BMW is with its 412 kilowatts of power superior to Tesla Model 3’s ‘modest’ 331 kilowatts. End result is thus, at least on the paper known prior to the race right? Well, not quite, as we can see in the video below.

In the end, BMW was faster, but only by a fraction. Thanks to high amount of torque from the beginning, Tesla crossed the line in 11,76 seconds, only 0,05 seconds behind BMW. At this point, we must mention, that this is only Model 3, the smallest of all Tesla. Whether it would be a Model S, which is nearer to M5 in the department of price, this win would probably go to American car. It just goes to show once more, that in this field electric cars are at worst on pair with ICE-driven ones.

Feb. 10, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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