So far have not yet seen a car that would attack two racetrack so different as Pikes Peak and Nürburing. Both tracks are so different one to another that it seemed just impossible for one car to conquer them both. From this point of view we might be witnessing the history in the making as Volkswagen I.D. R is slowly coming to an end of its testing phase. So far not yet in Germany but at the famous race track of Paul Riccard in France.

Volkswagen had actually tested the car on two race track with the focus on optimizing the electric drive. Since aerodynamics has already been sorted in wind tunnel, optimizeing electric drive with each motor sitting on its own axle is once again has now been the thing of focus. Rear motor will now have a bit more power to enable the car better and easier steering. They have also focused strongly on regeneration of electric energy.

“The ID. R uses two interlinked battery blocks. Together, these power the two electric motorsAs the ID. R works with a voltage level of 850 volts, it requires special cabling and specific insulation protection. Our colleagues from production development put their expertise at our disposal in this area as well,” explained Marc-Christian Bertram, Head of Electrics/Electronics at Volkswagen Motorsport and the man responsible for the ID. R battery system.

Volkswagen is only weeks away from trying to set the record in next few week. But it is not the absolute record they are after, 5 minutes and 19 seconds being set by Porsche as we have been reporting earlier. Instead, their goal is under 6:45.90, which is the fastest time being set by any electric car… util now.

April 18, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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