First one is going to be built in Germany with more soon to follow around Europe

Volkswagen will release the first ID car to the market at the end of the year, making the company a mass producer of electric cars. This means that from now on it will have to manufacture electric batteries and will thus not be able to rely solely on chinese production. After having secured the supply of raw materials for the production of electric batteries in China some time ago, the company announced on Monday that they would start building a factory to make their own batteries in the near future.

Around billion euros will be earmarked by the Germans for the construction of a new facility, which will be located in Lower Saxony, specifically in Salzgitter. In their production the Volkswagen will colaborate together with the Swedish companies Northvolt, which from 2015 deals with the production of high-performance battery lots, with great emphasis gives the net production.

When will the mentioned plant be finished, it is not yet known. On the other hand a member of the management board at Volkswagen, Stefan Sommer pointed out that company is already considering the opening of additional plants for the production of battery sets in Europe.

Volkswagen, with its announcement, follows the move of the PSA Group, which recently announced the construction of two power battery factories. These will stand in Germany and France and will be used to produce batteries for the Opel, Citroen and Peugeot. However, it is soon to be expected that other European car companies will soon start setting up their own factories as well. Despite resistance, they will be forced to do so by European legislation and the increasingly pervasive Chinese car industry.

May 16, 2019 Driving

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