For some time, Volkswagen has been working on the development of quantum computers, and recently a computer of this kind was used in the development of a traffic management system, which will allow accurate calculations to harmonize forecasts of traffic flows in cities, transport needs and travel times.

Quantum computers can perform very complex computational tasks much faster than conventional binary supercomputers. Calculations are sometimes only possible using quantum computers, which will help Volkswagen and other companies develop new applications and business models.

In order to develop a new traffic management system, Volkswagen experts first analyzed anonymous data on traffic trends from smartphones and transmitters in vehicles using conventional computers, and calculated the accumulation of traffic and the number of people involved. The optimization of traffic flows was carried out with quantum algorithms. In this way, they created a model that allows predicting traffic flows and, for example, enable transport companies to, in accordance with forecasts of how many passengers will use their services in a particular urban area, send a sufficient number of vehicles in advance. Of course, this increases the efficiency of transport and reduces customer waiting times, while costs can also be reduced.

The Volkswagen algorithm for calculating traffic flows is, of course, still in the test phase. They would first want to test it in Barcelona because they have already collected enough data from this city with the help of Orange mobile operator and Teralytics data processing specialist. As they say, the Barcelona model could already be adapted to cities of different sizes.

Nov. 6, 2018 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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