In preparations for the NAIAS in Detroit, Volvo revealed their long-awaited premium sedan Volvo S90.

The Swedish car maker has a burning desire to join the premium segment – a prestigious club Volvo failed to enter up until now, despite their quality program, best known for reliable SUVs and estates. Volvo S90, a new executive class sedan, has now been equipped with numerous inventive technologies, including top safety mechanisms and modern (practically indispensable) cloud-based apps and services. According to Volvo's press release, the S90 will feature "one of the most luxuriously appointed interiors and connected infotainment systems in the large sedan segment."

S90 will also come with Pilot Assist – an advanced semi-autonomous drive system that will keep the car properly aligned within lane markings, while steering gently at speeds of approximately 130 km/h. The new Volvo will no longer need to follow another car to stay on its designated path. Pilot Assist represents an important innovation milestone for Volvo, announcing the soon-to-be-developed full autonomous drive.

With S90, Volvo is also introducing "a world first function to City Safety" – namely, a system of detecting the presence of large animals (like elk, horses or moose), which could go astray and find themselves in the middle of the road. As such close encounters with wildlife often result in life-threatening collisions, this new technology will make sure accidents of such type are avoided by offering intuitive warning and brake support.

Next to the 235 kW petrol engine T6, 140 kW turbo diesel D4 and 173 kW turbo diesel D5, the new Volvo will also feature a clean and powerful T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain, which we already know from previous models. It will come with a 235 kW 2-liter turbo diesel motor, a 34 kW electric motor in the front and a 65 kW electric motor in the back. The battery pack will have a capacity of 9.2 kWh, provided by 96 lithium-ion power cells.

Dec. 3, 2015 Driving photo: Volvo

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