This could suggest, thatXC60 is going to be the first electric driven Volvo

Lately, there has been a lot of talking about Volvo’s move from diesel engines to hybrid and electric-driven cars. And while there are quite a few hybrids either on sale or upon arrival – and V60 the first car not to be available with diesel engine – we are still waiting to see the first fully electric car to arrive from Sweden. Supposedly, according to previous reports, it should arrive sometime next year in a form of a hatchback.

Latest reports made by Sweden website Swedespeed are however a bit different, the thing, that cused the buzz was Volvo trademarking XC60 B4 and XC60 B5 names. Considering the fact, that letters D and T were in the past used to label diesel powered cars and petrol driven ones using turbines, this can suggest, that Volvo is preparing to launch two versions of electric driven XC60 with B standing for ‘battery’.

Interesting on the other hand is the fact, that Volvo had previously already been using letter ‘B’ to mark their petrol driven cars back in the sixties and seventies, which was quite logical, given the fact, that Swedish word for petrol is ‘Bensin’. And just like today, they were also adding to numbers to letters, to mark engine capacity. For instance, B18 stands for petrol (‘Bensin’) driven car with an engine capacity of 1,8-liters.

July 29, 2018 Driving photo: Volvo

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