A single motor, paired with a rather substantial battery pack should bring a few hundred kilometers of authonomy.

Volkswagen is combining two worlds. On one hand here is the past: After discontinuation of production of Beetle, Transporter or Bulli if you prefer this name is now the oldest model n production, since it has been built for more than 50 years. On the other hand, here is the future, which is going to be electric. And while Volkswagen has already announced the arrival of I.D. Buzz, electric van, there is another vehicle of this type to arrive on the market a lot sooner.

While the current generation of Volkswagen Transporter, the T6 is not being very long on the market, Volkswagen has already presented its facelift. Standing in front of the vehicle, upgrade is quite substantial, since the car has received a new, much bigger grill, new bumper and new headlights. The rest of the exterior basically remaining unchanged. But the most important part of this facelift is hidden under the hood.

For the first time in history, Volkswagen has – in collaboration with ABT – developed an electric power plant for a Transporter. There is going to be a single electric motor with an output of 82 kilowatts and a choice of two battery packs, either smaller one with a capacity of 38,8 kWh or a bigger one, twice the size of the smaller one and also two times more powerful. Quite a large pack is also bringing great expectations and Volkswagen is providing. More than 400 kilometers should be its range according to factory data, but the results are based on NEDC test. In reality, this number should thus be closer to 300 kilometers.

New power plant is not the only technical innovation for T6.1, which should hit the market in fall of this year. There is also a digitalized cockpit with 10,25-inch LCD, new infotainment system with voice command and built-in eSIM and also Apple car play, making the vehicle by far the most advanced Transporter to this day.

Feb. 23, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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