While being quite developed, this concept might become something more.

This year on EICMA, Europe’s biggest motor show, that opened its door last week, Kawasaki has probably rented one of the biggest showrooms. Totally expected move, considering the size of their fleet and also the number of motors, which debuted in Milan. But down at the end of the stand, on one of the shelves on the wall, there was (almost hidden) a concept bike. Nothing special if it were not fully electrified.

EV project is its official name so far and it is Kawasaki’s first attempt to make an electric motorcycle and apparently, they have already made some progress, as there has been a patent published, showing what looks like a  Ninja, but with an electric ‘heart’. Sadly, Japanese have so far provided no black-on-white information regarding the concept.

And just to make sure, that everything will remain hidden at least for a while, no words have been spoken on EICMA regarding the bike itself, Furthermore, Kawasaki Europe’s PR Manager Martin Lambert has for MCN even pointed out, that production version has not been confirmed yet. Still, the bike is quite developed, so we should in the end get a chance to see it and maybe even drive it.

Nov. 12, 2019 Driving photo: Jure Šujica

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