In Geneva Czech car maker Skoda unveiled a Vision iV electric concept, a four-door crossover coupe based on the MEB modular electric platform. It also announced Skoda's first production electric car.

According to Skoda a concept expresses sportiness, emotional design and a sense of space. The Vision iV is 4,665 meters long, 1,926 meters wide and 1,613 meters high crossover-coupe, which, due to dynamic body lines, exudes feelings of sportiness. Also a short bonnet and a long cabin suggest a spacious interior.

The concept was adorned with a strip of light, which goes through a wide, reinterpreted grille with delicate crystal structured vertical bars and connects the matrix LED headlights. Doors open after a touch with the hand, while classic rearview mirrors have been replaced by video cameras with a 180-degree view, which is projected in the interior. There are also the multi-level designed dashboard and the floating screen in the interior.

The latest generation of infotainment system provides access to many online services and can be managed by hand gestures and voice control. It also allows the complete integration of driver and passenger's smartphones. The smartphone can also play the role of a key for unlocking and starting the car, and the car will also be able to monitor the driver's heart rate with a help of a sport's watch. With the help of laser and radar sensors and cameras, the car can even autonomously drive, park and communicate with the surroundings.

The powertrain is, of course, electric, and consists of electric motors with a system power of 225 kW, which is, if necessary, transmitted to all four wheels. The battery with a capacity of 83 kWh is sufficient for 500 km of drive in accordance with the WLTP cycle, and it can be charged up to 80% capacity within 30 minutes on a quick charger.

March 8, 2019 Driving photo: Škoda

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