Together with prominent mobility partners Sicily by Car and Enel, Renault is getting ready to launch 'Eco Tour di Sicilia', which - despite it may sound like it - has nothing to do with rallies and competitions - the name merely describes the opportunity to travel all around the Italian island by means of a purely electric car. 

As a project partner, Renault will invest 200 electric Renault ZOEs with 300km of range in real-world conditions. ZOEs will be added to the existing car fleet of Sicily by Car, a leading car rental company in Italy, while Enel, the country's largest energy supplier, will set up a network of charging stations on the island to secure a fast and easy access to battery charging.

In the largest cities and along most visited tourist routes, up to 400 Enel chargers are to be installed. While local residents will of course be able to use these public charging stations for their own electric vehicles, tourists will benefit from the most, as they'll be able to go sightseeing and enjoy the natural beauty of Sicily in an environmentally friendly way.

May 23, 2017 Driving photo: Renault

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