Youxia Ranger X is a shameless clone of the American electric car.


We all know how much the Chinese respect copyright. The problem is not new to BMW, Audi or maybe Land Rover. Chinese manufacturers have no trouble copying the "skins" of successful European models, whatever the final product may be.

Tesla is the newest victim of such business practices, since a young entrepreneur announced a production of an electric sports car. 28-year-old Huang Xiuyuan has assembled a team of 50 engineers and designers, who in all of 16 months put together a car named Youxia Ranger X. In other words, they needed the 16 months to copy the Model S and enhance it with a few of their own design solutions.

For example, the logo has a Y instead of the T. A huge internal screen is coincidentally similar to the screen in the Tesla. Even with electric drive power the Chinese version offers similar performance at 260 kW, although it has substantially slower acceleration, according to specifications. So as not to be criticised for copying only one vehicle, the Chinese went another step further. If the owner should get tired of silent driving, they can select a number of engine noises: Ferrari 488 GTB, Ferrari LaFerrari or Jaguar F-type. In short, a perfect copy.

A price tag that starts at about 200,000 yuan – just over $30,000.

Dec. 18, 2015 Driving photo: Youxia Motors

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