The Swedish car maker has a burning desire to join the premium segment – a prestigious club Volvo failed to enter up until now, despite their quality program, best known for reliable SUVs and estates. Volvo S90, a new executive class sedan, has now been equipped with numerous inventive technologies, including top safety mechanisms and modern (practically indispensable) cloud-based apps and services. According to Volvo's press release, the S90 will feature "one of the most luxuriously appointed interiors and connected infotainment systems in the large sedan segment."

Driveplug-in hybrid (PHEV)
BatteryLi-Ion, 9.2 kWh
Electric range 45km
Driveplug-in hybrid (PHEV)
Transmissionautomatic 8
Capacity9.2 kWh
Wheelbase2941 cm
Length4963 mm
Width1890 mm
Height1443 mm
Trunk sizen.d.
Weight2150 kg
Maximum weightn.d.
Capabilities and range
Electric power35 + 65kW
Gasoline engine power235kW
System power300kW
Acceleration 0-100km/hn.d.
Top speedn.d.
Electric range45 km
Petrol/diesel rangen.d.
EC consumption and emissions2
EC electric consumptionn.d.
EC consumption petrol/diesel1.9 l/100km
CO2 emissions44 g/km
photo: Volvo

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