Photographer Sebastian Wahlhütter captured these heart stopping images.


19 brave souls hung out in 17 hammocks provided by organizers Ticket to the Moon at Tijesno Canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The hammocks were strung along a 262-foot gap more than 600 feet above the canyon floor. Check the video below, its amazing. 

Mastermind and project coordinator Igor Scotland designed an impressive 80 meter line-rig over the gap in the canyon sector Oker more than 200 meters above the canyon floor. To fill this huge space with shiny hammocks, the organizer came up with a special 5 meter hammock-version to host participating athletes.

The 'Drill & Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival' is based on the idea of connecting people, sharing skills, knowledge, ressources and a good time among the climbers of Central Europe, the region and Bosnia and Herzegovina. By cooperatively creating new climbing routes, highlines, media attention and sharing an outdoor culture, the festival strives to strengthen the development of climbing as a sport and as a way of living an active, healthy and sustainable outdoor lifestyle.

Sept. 25, 2016 Living photo: Sebastian Wahlhütter

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