Polish architect Krzysztof Kotala, owner of 8 + 8 Concept Studio in Warsaw is attempting to gain enough financial support to make his dream of an international tennis match court constructed underwater off the coast of Dubai.


The tennis complex will be located offshore in the Persian Gulf, between the Burj al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah islands. The interior includes a lobby and hall at its deepest point, both of which would offer views of local sea life. For now, the underwater court is just a concept in need of investors and there are also several highly-reputed British engineers which refute his plans with many multiple reasons why this concept is impossible technically. If project approved, at 8+8 studio will face complex engineering challenges at enormous costs.

Apparently, Kotola needs to figure out how he can manufacture single pieces of glass that are arched and perhaps most importantly, human safety evacuation plans will need to be set in order. We'll see what will happen.

March 14, 2016 Living photo: 8+8 Concept Studio

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