Italian company GazeBox developed a foldable garage for automobiles of the same name. It can transform into something else entirely, like a handy modern gazebo to place in your garden and entertain a small company of friends.


GazeBox functions as a garage (in various sizes and models) for your car, keeping it safe from the sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, pets and birds, but it can also serve you as a handy shelter for outdoor dining and home entertainment.

The building parts fold like a fan and come in various customizable colors, which can change to reflect owner's current mood. Durable iron framework, fitted out with anti-UV polycarbonate paneling and LED lights for easier nighttime parking, automatically opens with a simple push of a button. You can also opt for a version that comes equipped with air conditioners, alarms, vacuum cleaners, and solar panels, or upgrade it to include convenient theft alarms as well. It requires very little space to set up and it's very light, so you can manage it manually with ease.

The price is not yet available.

Aug. 4, 2015 Living photo: GazeBox

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