Thync uses a bearly imperceptible electrical current that works on a specific part of the brain.

Everyone needs to rest after a long and stressful day. With Thync, you can now forget about this. Thync is a stimulator that will relax you or boost your mood after only a few minutes of use. The manufacturer promises that only five minutes is enough (although it can be used longer) to feel a difference in your mood.

Place the triangular headset between a temple and the forehead, and the remaining part, which consists of electrodes, behind the ear or on the neck. Using an app on your smart phone, choose the function to relax or the function with an energising effect (which also increases your ability to focus). Thync applies a barely imperceptible electrical current that stimulate nerves on the head and face. Those who have already had the opportunity to try Thync say that it is entirely comfortable.

Thync, a device from the future, can be ordered on the producer's website for $299. The price is not all that low, considering you only pay a euro and a half for cup of coffee or even do some breathing exercises completely free of charge...

June 5, 2015 Living photo: Thync

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