Wish to go and live off-grid for a while? Try this Mobile Home.


Designed by Ruzanna Andressa Oganesya, Mobile Home is a perfect housing solution for people who don't like to be stuck in the same place all the time, but love to move and - take take their home with them!

One of the nicest things about Mobile Home is that it is pre-built. You don't have to become a part-time builder to construct your new home - you simply buy it and it arrives at your place, already assembled and ready for you to furnish it and enjoy. If you prefer, however, you can also order it with some custom-made furnishings. The tiny cca. 150 square feet home stands on a moving platform, so you can easily change your mind and move it with a truck to another location. 

The compact home comes with a unique shape, a design that allows a lot of sunlight to come through the many glass panels, and with optimal use of space with everything that you need to live comfortably off-grid for a little while.

Zero effort, loads of fun and happy living!

April 11, 2017 Living photo: RUZANNA ANDRESSA OGANESYA Via Yanko Design

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