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Los Angeles designers from aphibianArc have presented an awe-inspiringproject of an out of theordinary Hanhai Dongfeng shopping mall. The design draws inspiration from classical Chinese "treasure bowl", which symbolises auspiciousness and happiness. The complex will be located in a Chinese town called Zhengzhou. The main featureof this unusual, yet amazingly beautiful building with rounded cornersis water, a symbol of life.

The complex will cover 350,000 sqm stretching on nine levels of retail and family entertainments, numerous theme restaurants, an indoor canal where guests can take a gondola ride (almost like Venice), an elevated fountain plaza, a hotel, and a vertical aquariumfeaturing an elevator... This will be highlighted by an iconic LED canopy stretching across the top of the entire open-air part of the complex and the fountain.

It probably goes without saying that the view from the building will be one of a kind. We suggest you look at the photos in the gallery above. Stunning, isn't it?

June 11, 2015 Living photo: amphibianArc

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