One architectural studio's magnificent vision on the sustainable development of Amsterdam. "We live in Amsterdam and we love Amsterdam. It is a fabulous city, and we want to make it more fabulous," says Michiel Hofman.


HofmanDujardin is a Dutch architectural firm that introduced their vision on a new urban strategy that would revive the city of Amsterdam. 

Oamsterdam is a concept plan that proposes how to connect the northern district to the rest of the city by creating a circular path through the city, "thus restoring Amsterdam's historic connection to the water and opening up the IJ waterfront" and linking together "the existing cultural, creative, financial and historical areas of the city."

As explained by the architects, it sees "a natural park along the road and canals, a new food market in a current parking lot, urban farming in a former bank building, various sports facilities along the new ring and a city beach at the IJ waterfront. Further into the future, the city may have air ships, silent floating cars and delivery drones. Holograms will surround us and the streets will be a multimedia surface with interactive features. Oamsterdam will be ready to accommodate these innovations."

Nov. 18, 2016 Living photo: HofmanDujardin

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