New photos of Lè Architecture have recently been introduced by Aedas. The 18-story office building in the the Nangang District of Taipei is soon to be complete and it looks spectacular! 

Lè Architecture by Aedas is supposed to look like a gigantic, moss-covered pebble - and it does! In numerous aesthetically appealing ways of coupling refreshing greenery with the facade, we can only imagine what a wonderful working environment this office building will become.

"The vertical green wall on the façade turns the building into a standing pebble. The journey of pebbles from the river to the sea signifies the beginning of a successful journey. Meanwhile, the building's egg-like shape implies that it is an incubator of knowledge and a metaphor of intellectual revival," explains Aedas.

Lè Architecture is working towards earning the LEED Gold status, therefore its design is focused also on minimizing energy demands of the project. The interiror will be filled with sunlight, so the spaces aren't too dependent on artificial light. A 60-meter-tall wall of greenery will provide sufficient shade and keep the temperatures down in hot summers, so air conditioning will not have to be used (often). Employees will be able to enjoy the company of indoor trees (the southern part of the offices), creating a unique urban living space on every floor. 

The bulding with gross floor area of 14,169 square metres is expected to be completed in 2017.

Sept. 6, 2016 Living photo: Aedas via Arch Daily

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