The first-ever skydiving simulator in Slovenia was built in Logatec. No special skills are required, and virtually anyone can fly.

Aerodium - Are you ready to fly?


We visited the Aerodium vertical wind tunnel – a special construction with air ducts and nozzles creating airflow. The column of air in the wind aerodynamic tunnel is so strong that one may lay down vertically on it, thus simulating flight. We wanted to experience that ourselves...

We were greeted by a welcoming crew, who first showed us around the premises of this brand new wind tunnel and than after a short briefing at the lecture room, we were able to control our body in the wind flow. The coach then taught us the sign gestures that will allow us to communicate inside the chamber, as the noise in the wind tunnel is far too loud and prevents verbal communication. So, off we went, put on the overalls, protective goggles, put in ear plugs – and we were ready for action.

It was time to do what we came here for: the flying or skydiving, or, to be precise, the simulation of the real thing. An instructor followed us into the tunnel and helped us master the flying posture. For first-timers, it is not an easy thing to do, but all one really has to do is just relax and let go to the airflow that carries you. Then, you can begin enjoying yourself. If the instructor sees you got the hang of it, he will let go of you, so that you may hover freely some two metres above the ground, although the column of air is able to take you up to ten metres. How about that for a fun-filled adventure!

The wind tunnel features a skydiving chamber 3.7 metres in diameter and 9 metres tall. The motors producing the airflow that lifts a person up in the air are rated at 1000 Kilowatts. The technology was developed by an international company called Aerodium Technologies, headquartered in Riga, Latvia. The company is among the world leaders in the construction of vertical wind tunnels, as well as in the field of skydiving shows. They have built their wind tunnels in no less than 29 countries around the world.

Wind tunnel fun is available to anyone who is healthy and in good shape, the only requirement is the body weight that cannot be less than 20 kilograms or more than 140 kilograms. There are efficient safety measures – a special safety net to dispel any fear of falling down. The airflow speed of 200 kilometres per hour produces an effect that is very similar to free fall at skydiving, yet without the addition of the fear of flying in an aeroplane and using a parachute, so adrenalin levels do not rise much. But the feeling you get is phenomenal nonetheless. And yes, you may also skydive if the weather outside is bad.

Dec. 24, 2015 Living photo: Plugin Magazine

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