In interesting DIY project for the weekend - create your own stool and BBQ for your garden, after going on a low-budget shopping spree to Ikea.


Agustina Bottoni is a young Argentinian designer based in Milan that makes all sorts of amazing things. One of them is BRÜT. Its goal is to meet new needs using IKEA products in a unconventional way, spending less than €50, which is an idea we definitely like.

BRÜT is a stool and barbecue for outdoors, crafted from a lightweight mix of concrete and coconut husk, making it relatively light and easy to make. The material is sustainable, as it is actually recycled coconut coir, otherwise an agricultural waste. Everything you need, all the products for the project, are easily accessible, as most of them can be bought at IKEA stores. 

For example, you need the IKEA BURSJÖN plastic container, which you adapt to serve as a re-usable mold for concrete casting. With it, replicating the design is easy and cost-effective. You'd also need Styrofoam, which is the core of the piece, making Brüt so light in weight. To add a little diversity, you can use white and/or grey Portland cement - a practice that results in different colors of the surface.

For detailed, step-by-step instructions with images on how to create your own Brüt, visit designer's website.

June 4, 2016 Living photo: Agustina Bottoni/Roberto Niño Betancourt

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