Nexo tire should make sure it never happens again.

If you are an avid cyclist, chances are you have experienced the pains and troubles of having a flat tire. It happens on your way to work, when you're in a hurry, or on your vacation, when everything else works. With the new Nexo tire by Ever Tires you might be able to pedal away with a calmer mind, without having to worry about where you left your pump.

As developers explain, Nexo tires are "the next leap in flat free tire innovation",  well-suited for road cyclists, commuters, and well, anyone that wishes to avoid having a flat tire. The time and money saving Nexo simply attaches to existing rims.

What's also amazing about these tires is the fact that they are produced in an eco-friendly manufacturing process, thus reducing pollution that normally takes place after standardly produced tires become worn off and are thrown away - rubber tires don't decompose and are very demanding to recycle. Nexo tire with a patented T-bolt technology (T-bolts attach to the Nexo tire to secure it under the lip of the rim) requires only 30 minutes to produce with one piece manufacturing process, while a standard one takes hours and a lot of material. 

Nexo tire is guaranteed to last at least 5,000 miles.

With 22 days to go until the end of campaign, you still have a chance to get flat-proof at a special price on Kickstarter.

Nov. 11, 2016 Living photo: Ever Tires Inc.

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