Be a self-starter. Stop following brands, design and wear shoes entirely made by you. And inspire others!


AliveShoes lets you design, buy and sell your own footwear, completely online, in just a few minutes.

Create an entirely custom and unique design, just like you want it. Design from 70+ type of styles, limited edition customizations and plenty of colours and materials. The shoes are handmade by Italian Artisans. The company was founded by Luca Botticelli, who grew up in a shoe-making family and has spent 17 years working in both digital development and the shoe industry. He's teamed up with software engineer Marco Ferroni and designer Michele Torresi. All three come from a region in Italy called Le Marche which is known as "The Shoe Valley", where all of the major brands including Prada and Tod's design and manufacture shoes.

This is a project that crosses the boundary between contemporary art and fashion. All shoes are handmade in 4 weeks and shipped to you or to your customers. You always wanted to become a designer? Now it's time. 

June 23, 2017 Living photo: AliveShoes

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