Alpha is the smallest and most powerful action camera designed to capture your next adventure.


Mokacam packs Ultra-high Definition imaging technology into a tiny action cam. Alpha captures brighter image with more details under low light environment. The Ambrella image processor and the 1.55μm Sony image sensor provides features of 4K Ultra-HD or Full-HD 1/5 Speed Slow Motion video with incredible image quality. In Manual mode, you can turn the shutter wheel to set the shutter speed freely from 1/2000" up to 32".

Low Battery? You don't have to worry. There is no need for power off to change battery. With the built-in battery/battery in Screen Module/Back-up Battery, you can expect 4 hours continuous 1080P@30FPS video recording. With a few Magnetic Snap-on Batteries, you can even record forever. Combining the clarity of 7-Layer Glass Lens, Alpha S delivers unparalleled colors, details and clarity.

Alpha is 20% smaller than the previous generation and 35% smaller than GoPro Hero5. Alpha is so small, you can easily take it with you everywhere. With WiFi connection, camera can live stream real time video to your iPhone/Android/Tablets and live service provider, share on your social media account. With integrated 6 Axis Gyroscope image stabilization, the videos could be much more stable compared to common action cameras and also the Micro HDMI port provides a new preview and playback mode, so it could live stream the video to the Flat TV in Full-HD size.

You can get it on active Indiegogo campain here. 

Jan. 28, 2017 Living photo: Mokacam

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