On April 1 Amsterdam will put 100 VDL Citea articulated electric buses in service in and around the Schiphol airport and on public transport lines within Amstelland-Meerlanden concession.


All electric buses will be equipped with the latest battery technology, which will meet the strict European requirements. Busses will travel 30.000 kilometers per day and will 24 hours a day serve on six lines. Lines will be equipped with 23 Heliox rapid chargers, which will be located on four charging points along the road and will enable charging with 420 kW electric power. It means that the fully discharged battery with a capacity of 169 kWh will be ready for continuation of the trip in 20 minutes or less. There will also be 84 Heliox chargers with the power of 30 kW at the bus depot and each night buses will be slow charged and pre-heated via a pantograph to comfortably start operation each morning.

There will be two versions of VDL Citea electric buses in service. More conventionally looking R-Net buses will have 3-door configuration and will seat up to 50 passengers and more futuristic BRT will have a four door configurations to optimize the passenger flow on more busy lines.

March 28, 2018 Living photo: VDL

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