Three pristine tropical islands off the coast of Panama are on sale, but their buyer will be bound to develop environmentally sustainable tourism.


What to buy as a Christmas present to a rich person who has it all? Perhaps a package of three unspoilt tropical islands off the coast of Panama? Now is the chance to do it – up for grabs are the islands of Bayoneta, Cañas and La Caida, collectively referred to as Cayonetas. These are three uninhabited and undeveloped islands, some thirty minutes from Panama City by helicopter.

In addition to pristine tropical nature, the islets boast a good 35 kilometres of coastline with a series of 50 virgin beaches, where sea turtles lay their eggs, and the islands are also home to a dozen of various endemic bird species. The asking price for the islands is 100 million US dollars or a good 90 million euros, certainly not an expense worth mentioning for an average billionaire. But the island cannot be sold just to anybody shelling out the purchase price – the prospective buyer will have to demonstrate and prove his or her environmental awareness. And how? He or she will enter into a binding agreement to develop the islands to become a destination focused on environmentally friendly tourism, support environmental scientific research and support the preservation of nature in the region.

Dec. 22, 2015 Living photo: Listing Agent

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