The Street Art Festival at the Lodhi Colony of New Delhi became a huge, open air exhibition of street art, also featuring the sun-kissed "Time Changes Everything" installation.

To some people graffiti are nothing but those horrible scribblings, spoiling the 'clean look' of a neighbourhood or a street. To others they represent a highly expressive and meaningful art, often communicating strong social or political messages. One fine example of stunning art is the "Time Changes Everything" installation of numerous letters casting a shadow graffiti on an otherwise bare wall.

It was created by a grafitti artist Daku, who used sunlight instead of spraypaint to visualize how time passes and how, eventually, everything changes with and through time. Like observing a sundial, here the position of the shades changes as they move with the sun until they finally fade away. The letters are combined into words, such as love, life, or reality, and carefully mounted on a building façade. You can only see the shadows cast from about 09:30 AM to 14:30 PM, with the words most clearly seen at noon. 

Over 25 street artists from India and around the world participated in reviving the iconic Lodhi Colony area of Delhi, which transformed into the first ever Public Art District in India, full of art that is accessible to anyone.

Sept. 5, 2016 Living photo: via Visual News

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