Avegant Corp. ("Avegant") from California, known for creating the world's first vivid reality near-eye display called the Glyph, introduced its Light Field Technology for Mixed Reality, a new platform that is to offer "crystal clear close-up experiences" with virtual objects.

Avegant Light Field Technology was developed with great knowledge about human sight and head-mounted display ergonomics, as explained by Avegant team, to solve one of mixed reality's greatest problems - namely, how virtual objects appear from a near or far distance and blend in with the reality.

With this technology and a prototype of a headset with a transparent display the user can see objects at multiple focal planes and in ultra-high quality. Virtual objects seem to be right there in front of you, visualized in astonishing detail to make it more real, while the whole point of this product is to make augmented reality easy on the eyes and easier for the brain to process.

"Mixed reality will change the way we teach, learn, work and play," said Joerg Tewes, CEO of Avegant. "Avegant created the first complete mixed reality solution for hardware and software developers to create sharp, brilliant virtual objects within arm's reach." 

"At Avegant we are reimagining screens," said Edward Tang, Co-Founder and CTO at Avegant. "The biggest stumbling block for mixed reality today is creating crystal clear images that are within one meter. Without this capability, most mixed reality use cases simply can't materialize. We've overcome that obstacle, and can't wait for people to experience the results."

While there is no news on when this product will be available for purchase and how much it will cost, Avegant says the product could be used for creating "augmented and mixed reality applications across a wide spectrum of professional and personal uses."

May 4, 2017 Living photo: Avegant Corp.

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