Lightspeed, Montreal eCommerce juggernaut, has shared honours for a major design award with ACDF Architecture which designed amazing Lightspeed's new headquarters at the Gare Viger building in Montreal's downtown Ville-Marie borough.


The honour was handed out by Interior Design magazine as part of its first annual MakeItWork awards, which saw ACDF and Lightspeed taking the categories of Best Breakout Space, Best Reception Desk and Best Budget Office, beating out more than 50 competing design firms.

The imposing heritage structure, built by Canadian Pacific between 1896 and 1898, is being transformed into a large, mixed-use development of open-concept office space, rental units and retailing that includes a market and craft brewpub. The concept mixes punchy graphics, whimsical features, and an historic framework to forge a minimalist office that feels sophisticated. Lightspeed moved into their new headquarters late last year after outgrowing two buildings in the Mile End district, but that's only the beginnig. They are already planning the next phase of its expansion, which includes a lounge styled like cigar-smoking rooms, an amphitheater for 200-plus people, and a patio kitted out with BBQs and hot tubs. Sounds nice, right? 

Dec. 15, 2015 Living photo: ACDF

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